Best Online Course Platforms to Create and Sell Online Courses 2020

Best Online Course Platforms to Create and Sell Online Courses 2020

In today’s article we’re going to talk about the best online course platforms to create and sell your online courses This is the 2020 Edition. So stay tuned.

So what is the best online course platform?

The answer you’re going to get most of the time is it depends Choosing a platform to host your online course can be very confusing create There are a lot of places out there where you can and sell your online course.

I have done a few videos on this topic in the past but I wanted to freshen it up with the latest information and introduce you to some online course platforms that you may not have heard of before.

If you like videos like this one be sure and give it a thumbs up Today I’m not talking about the online course marketplaces like Udemy and Skillshare.

And we will not be talking about the all-in-one platforms like Kajabi or Academy Mine

I will cover those in another article post.

Today we’re going to be hitting that sweet spot right in between Not too big to manage your own course.

But more control and options than an online course marketplace has

This is the land where online course hosting platforms like to be the best and won your trust

These are the ones used by small businesses, coaches and entrepreneurs I have 10 of them to share with you today and a special announcement at the end These are in no particular order And each have a different sets of benefits and pricing to match what you’re looking for

So let’s get into it

9 Best Online Course Platforms 2020

Best Online Course Platforms thinkific

The first one I’m going to talk about here is Thinkific, Thinkific is a great all-in-one and very easy to use platform It has a lot of great features like drag and drop content. You can use video, quizzes, surveys, text, Typeform, Google Docs.

There’s just so much here that you can use You can make your courses private and hidden You can have prerequisites to open lessons You can do drip content.

You can have evergreen content and you can even run a membership site.

It has no transaction fees and unlimited students

The first one is free to take a test drive on Thinkific’s core features

  • The basic is $49 a month
  • The pro is $99 a month
  • And the premium is $499 a month

In the free you’re going to get three courses, Unlimited students, Quizzes and surveys, Content hosting, instant access to your funds It allows for video, audio and PDF.

Now with the free plan you’re not going to get a lot of the integrations

Like Aweber and MailChimp

affiliate reporting, coupons and promotions but those are available most of the paid plans

Now I’m not going to go into all the features otherwise going through all ten of these would be a very long article post, I’m going to leave a link below if you want to check out and see.

if Thinkific is right for you.

The next one I want to talk about is Podia

A lot of you probably haven’t heard of Podía but they’re coming up they’re pretty quick I actually have heard about it quite a lot.

One of the reasons people like Podia is because it’s zero transaction fees and unlimited everything And their pricing structure is really simple.

The pricing structure on Podia is really simple :

There’s either the $39 a month or the $79 a month

And when you pay annually you end up getting two months free.

The $39 a month does not have the memberships And there’s a whole lot more.

Embedded check out, affiliate marketing, third-party code, free migration.

That’s a big one for people that want to change to a different platform

Now Podía doesn’t charge any fees

And it integrates with Stripe and PayPal.

But that does not include the fees that Stripe and PayPal charge, That’s gonna be the same on pretty much all of these. If they use Stripe and PayPal, they can’t control how Stripe and PayPal charge you.

So just a heads-up on that.

There’s no credit card required to give it a try for 14 days.

Next up we have Teachable

This one’s been around quite a while and has a very loyal following

Teachable offers both monthly plans and annual plans, So that you can get a cheaper if you get the annual plan :

  • The basic plan is $29
  • The professional is $79
  • And the business is $399

With the basic plan you are gonna pay a 5% transaction fee on every course you sell.

But not on the other two. One of the things a lot of people like is the instant payouts it goes directly out it’s not held for any time.

In their basic plan they have the integrated affiliate marketing and third-party integrations.

If you go up to the mid-level plan you can get an unbranded website.

If you want to learn more about Teachable, I’ll drop a link below.

Another one that I’ve mentioned before but it’s a lesser known is CourseCraft.

CourseCraft has easy drag-and-drop and it’s feature-rich. CourseCraft also has a monthly and a yearly which will save you 20% if you buy by the year they They have a free plan with a 9% transaction fee $23 a month with a 5% transaction fee, Or you can get the $47 per month and pay no transaction fee

If you plan on using video you may want to be aware that the free plan here only allows for 2 gigabyte upload per course.

You can have up to a hundred participants but unlimited courses And they have instant payouts also.

CourseCraft also works with PayPal or Stripe, It’s super easy integration and you can get embed codes, And of course you can do private courses with restricted access.

If you would like to check out CourseCraft, I’ll drop a link down below this article.

Another popular one is LearnWorlds…

I don’t know a whole lot about LearnWorlds. I haven’t actually worked in it.

But I have heard a lot of good things about it, The pricing again has a yearly where you save up to 20% or a monthly

  • They have the starter for $24 a month
  • The pro trainer for $79 a month
  • The Learning Center for $249 a month

And they have a higher volume and corporate one that you can call and get a price on. These are great for if you’re going to be doing some training in your company With starter plan it’s a $5 fee per course sell, one admin and a custom domain.

It has built-in community and four different payment gateways Stripe, 2Checkout, PayPal and Shopify.

It has a lot of basic integrations in the starter plan, So you can see right here Google Analytics.

Google tag manager, Facebook pixel. SumoMe, Zendesk and more And as you can see they’re always adding new features.

Complete website blog builder, installments, fully customizable course player, Over here we even have interactive video.

If you hop over here to the features page, it’ll let you go through the appearance, learning, marketing, selling, social, analytics and support.

This software is very feature-rich so I’ll leave a link down below where you can check it out.

The next one I’m going to mention is Ruzuku..

This is another one I haven’t really worked in so I don’t know a lot about, But I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

Ruzuku has no transaction fees, unlimited students and courses, and limitless opportunities

The also have an annual or a monthly, Their top course the University starts at $125 a month The Up-and-Comer starts at $83.08 a month And the Bootstrapper starts at $74.75 a month.

But none of these have transaction fees Both of the bottom tiers have a single instructor Also your customer pays you directly, Which means instant payouts. They accept PayPal and Stripe. And with the two top tier ones you can get subscriptions and payment plans.

Their software is feature-rich and you can go up here to start a 14-day free trial if you’re interested in checking them out more about Ruzuku, I’ll drop a link below.

The next one I’m going to mention is Pathwright..

Pathwright again is super easy to use It has a lot of drag and drop features When you’re on the Pathwright site you can go up here to product and it’ll let you take a tour to see all the features it does You can watch a live demo, training courses and a blog.

They have a paid monthly and they pay annually And you’ll save 10% when you pay annually with this program :

  • The starter is $99 a month
  • The essential is $199 a month
  • And the complete is $499 a month

The core features that you get with Pathwright is you can learn anywhere on any screen

You have a discussion board, And you can actually build this course from any screen you don’t have to be on a computer And they have free course design classes to teach you how to do it.

Besides the core features the things that make each of the courses different is you can teach up to a thousand learners on the base course, On the mid-level you can sell reoccurring subscriptions And use your own domain name.

And on the top level you can new to 20 staff members to help you run your course.

You can also offer course certifications If this software sounds interesting for
you, again I will drop a link down below you can get click that and check it out.

The next three that I’m going to mention each of them have a special little twist and that’s why I decided to include them in this list.

This one here is Teachery..

Teachery is a little bit different than the other ones You can build and sell your awesome online courses with zero fees. Both of their plans come with a two week free trial.

There is the $49 which is their monthly plan or their $470 which is yearly plan

And that’s it. It’s simple and one price Either $49 or $470.

It’s unlimited courses, unlimited students, unlimited landing and sales pages.

Affiliate program, custom domain. I mean there are a lot of features here and no fees, So you may be asking yourself how can they do that for that price One of the differences between this one and the other places is they do not work with PayPal. But if you have Zapier you can use that. They do work with Stripe.

One of the things to note here is, “We do not host course video, audio, etc.

It’s to keep the costs down You need to host your video on Wistia, YouTube or Vimeo

Your audio on Soundcloud, Your images on Google Drive or Dropbox and your slide presentations on SlideShare. And then you just use embedding to actually put it on to this site.

If you scroll down it’ll give you some examples of what their course sites look like They do have sales and landing an email page creator It does integrate with Mailchimp and Convertkit If you’re interested in checking out Teachery.

I’m going to drop a link down below and you can let me know what you think

Now the next one I want to talk about is called Digital Chalk…

One of the things I think that makes this one special is this is made for both people that want to make and sell a course and people that want to use it internally to train employees, If you’re interested in making a course specifically to train employees or as an onboarding system drop a comment down below and I’ll make a full video covering that When you first come to Digital Chalk.

You either pick I’m an expert and I want to sell courses or I am a manager and need to train employees And since we’re talking about selling courses we’re going to click this one. Now once you click into that you can click up here at the top to go into the features And let’s take a look at the pricing And like most others they have both an annual and a monthly And this is the price annually :

  • The essential is $10 a month
  • The professional is $69 a month
  • And the premier is a $169 a month

Always available in every plan is unlimited storage, unlimited courses, unlimited course size and unlimited bandwidth With the basic plan you get one administrator.

Mid you get five and with the advanced you get ten, One of the things interesting about this software is they offer multiple language support.

You can use video, PowerPoint, web archive or file, You can sell your courses in any of these via the website or direct sales, They have integrated payment gateway and themes and branding.

If you want to check it out one of the things they do offer is a free webinar that you can attend to see how it will work for your business.

If you interested in checking it out I will drop a link down below The next one I’m going to mention is course for click Now this one also is really interesting

Again this one also offers depending on whether you want to sell your course or whether you want to train your course you can get a 30-day free trial with this one with no credit card to check it out. This one is available so that it works on many different devices whether that be a phone or a tablet, laptop or computer.

Again when you come into pricing it says I want to sell my course or I want to train employees if you’re interested in training employees training as in an onboarding system internal that’s where you’d click this button. I’m not going to do that in this
video because we’re talking about selling courses so let’s go to external

The price for selling your course is $79 a month or you can get a 20% discount by paying annually and that’s unlimited learners a 10% charge on courses sold that includes all credit card processing and transaction fees.

No merchant account is needed and all cards are processed and handled by click 4 courses, You do not have to hook up Stripe or PayPal because they actually do this for you.

You can create unlimited courses.

Prerequisite courses you can use video, PowerPoint and you can have course deadlines and restrictions. Again click 4 course is feature-rich.

And so that this video doesn’t continue going on forever I will drop a link below so you can check it out, Now those are my top 10 courses, but I want to throw a little bonus in here for you.

Some of you have heard of Zippy Courses before. Zippy courses was a way for you to host your course on your own website.

But they just started creating an LMS that is similar to all the ones that I just talked about, It’s an all-in-one tool built by a course creator If want to check it out you have to put in ‘get your invitation‘.

It integrates this Constant Contact, Stripe, PayPal, Get Response, and all the things that you would expect this kind of software to work with

Zippy courses comes in two prices. The $99 per month and $199 per month.

There are no transaction fees and unlimited paid courses in both, The big difference is with the standard you get 10,000 emails per month and with the professional you get 50,000 emails a month.

You get a hundred gigabytes on the standard plan and two terabytes on the professional Zippy courses includes a 30 day money back guarantee!.

unlimited paid courses, unlimited free courses,

which is amazing unlimited students, unlimited landing pages and unlimited sales pages.

If you’re interested in learning more about this and will drop a link below and all you do is click that request an invite and you can learn all about it.

If you found this video helpful make sure and give it a thumbs up

Thanks for read and we’ll see you next week.