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Revealing The Exact Strategies & Methods I’ve Used To Find Untapped, Profitable Products & Rapidly Build A Freedom Enabling Amazon FBA Business In 2020


17+ Hours Of Detailed Video Lessons
I’ll take you under my guidance and reveal, step by step, the little known methods I’ve used to find & sell profitable products on Amazon FBA – and then scale to over $2,000,000 per year.

Module 1
Course Orientation
  •  Set expectations between us & learning outcomes
  •  Define exactly what you are going to change in your life & how
  •  Student/mentor relationship: what I expect of you…and my own obligations
  •  How to use the course & provided support materials
Module 2
The Secret To 7 Figure Success On Amazon
  •  The secret difference between achieving 0-5 figure results, and 7 figure results
  •  Hacks, shortcuts & short-term tactics & why they are not the answer (sorry)
  •  The 5 specific pillars you will need to develop before even starting (why most fail)
  •  What to do if you really want to get started but are SCARED to take the first step
Module 3
Fundamentals & Business Setup
  •  Practical business affairs, Amazon fundamentals & financial metrics you must know
  •  Trademarks, company structuring
  •  Advice on which marketplace to sell on: Amazon US, Amazon UK etc
  •  Actions for overseas (non-US) sellers, like me
  •  Other considerations that can make or break your business before you begin: starting capital, number of initial products
Module 4
Product Research: Find Your First Winning Product
  •  My 2019 product selection strategy to find profitable winning products
  •  The exact product research tools I use & how I use them
  •  Step by step, detailed breakdown of the 7 Key Ingredients to successful Product Research
  •  Key metrics that will make your life easier (revenue, ROI, % profit margin)
  •  How to set yourself apart & differentiate. Following the herd no longer works in 2019
  •  Walkthroughs of the Product Generation Funnel in action
  •  Cost calculator & research templates that I use to make everything easier
  •  Key risks to avoid that blow up most first time sellers
Module 5
Sourcing & Shipping (Part 1): Find & Negotiate With Suppliers
  •  How to find the best, most trustworthy suppliers, get the best prices and make a deal happen
  •  Sourcing considerations: Factory vs trading company, China vs US/other countries
  •  Negotiation techniques & walkthrough from Alibaba to confirming the supplier
  •  Outreach & negotiation templates: common emails that I send, done for you (word for word)
  •  Crafting a powerful insert card to get more reviews & build your brand
  •  A few massive risks you need to be aware of (& how to eliminate them)
Module 6
Sourcing & Shipping (Part 2): PO’s & Shipping to Amazon
  •  Critical decisions you need to make before shipping anything (air vs sea, where & how)
  •  Technical jargon explained (FNSKU v UPC, EXW v FOB etc)
  •  How to ship cost effectively & safely plus access to my own trustworthy freight forwarders
  •  What labels go where & who does what
  •  Purchase order & inspection report templates with walkthroughs of how to use them
  •  Payment methods: how to protect yourself
  •  The shipment inspector services I use & recommend
  •  Major risks to control & how to prevent them, all the way to getting the goods into Amazon
Module 7
Pre-Launch: Create & Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing
  •  Creating a listing & images that sell, step by step
  •  Avoid common mistakes that most beginners make (simplify & focus on the critical 80/20)
  •  How to get product photography done, with access to my own product photographer
  •  My photography brief template & walkthrough of exactly how to get the photos you want
  •  Step by step walkthrough of keyword research so your listing shows up for all the right search results
  •  Get more verified reviews with my own email followup sequence with template (copy & paste)
Module 8
Launching Your Product On Amazon
  •  Walkthrough of the entire launch process from basic fundamentals to execution
  •  Detailed step by step breakdown of 4 launch strategies
  •  Amazon PPC: how to structure, manage & optimize your campaigns for massive results
  •  Facebook ads: audience building & advanced launch strategy
  •  When & how to layer these strategies on each other to get initial traction quickly
  •  Timeframe, expectations & troubleshooting
  •  Comprehensive & updated answers to frequently asked questions about launching
Module 9
Post-Launch: Maintain & Optimize Your Product
  •  How to stay on top of the recurring activities you need to do once your product is launched
  •  How to stay in Amazon’s good books: customer service, account monitoring, listing suspension
  •  Troubleshooting common problems: running out of stock, hijackers, reviews etc
  •  Making more money with low effort/high payoff split testing & optimization
  •  Amazon Brand Registry 2019: when, why & how to get your brand registered
  •  How to get thousands of extra $$ back from Amazon with almost zero effort
Module 10
Scaling: Grow Your Business Into A Money Making Machine
  •  My rapid product scaling strategy (the secret to get to 7 figures)
  •  How & when to start hiring a team
  •  Building a brand – how to maximise your leverage and expand quickly
  •  Expanding to new marketplaces
  •  Troubleshooting common scaling problems
  •  Selling your business as the end game: from product #1 to a 7 figure exit

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