Kajabi vs Teachable Course Creation Platforms 2020

Hi, how are you… and I’m going to share which platform works best for me and review both of them because at the end of the day, it really helps you if you understand the pros and cons of both platforms.

I’ve used both for courses for the last three years now and there’s definitely pros
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Teachable vs Kajabi 2020

Hello. So, we are going to first of all look at Teachable, and Teachable is a really user-friendly and super-easy beginners platform when you’re first building courses because actually it enables you to upload content really easily, add in some images, and create something that isn’t too expensive and isn’t this overwhelming thing.

So in that sense, it enables you to build and start slowly. So let’s dive in and have a look at it. Hello. So, we are looking at the difference between Teachable and Kajabi,
so I’m first of all on Teachable and so you can see that, here’s the schools that
I own.

So, this is my school that I have and and so essentially, in the school you click and you have kind of the admin section here, so you can create pages, the curriculum, pricing, all of these things.

And so this would be, if I click, you’ll see the sales page and it’s you know, it’s pretty easy to use, easy to upload, so you can kind of add in all of your info and this is how it works, so that’s the sales page.

When you’re wanting to add the content, you then can very easily upload it and I’ll just show you the course curriculum. So, it works in this way, so you get you can upload easily, upload videos, upload workbooks, and and build like that.

So it’s you know, you can add some of your own colors but it’s not completely stylized for you but it’s super straightforward and easy to use.

Here is the course when you see it so this is what it looks like with the videos in there and you can add some info about about yourself and you can work through.

So, actually from the point of view of doing the courses, it’s very easy to use. It’s very workable and so all of those things you know, I definitely say Teachable, I’ve used for the last two years and it’s definitely stood me in good stead and when you’re first starting out, I’d really recommend Teachable as a good place to start because the fees aren’t so expensive and it’s you know, it’s you know, it’s user friendly.

But I have to say I was looking for something that was a bit more attractive and so since I’ve launched my new course, I was looking for something that really fulfilled that and so I have decided to move to Kajabi.

So I’m going to show you the difference between the two. I will say the price point with Kajabi is much higher, so if you’re first starting up that might be something where you have to consider, but there are so many benefits to it and I just take you here so you can see.

So this is kind of the back-office. Again, it’s really easy to use you just click to create a new product, here’s some courses I’ve got, and you know, so you know it’s really easy to use as you can see with my Camera Confidence course.

I have currently over two thousand members and so you know, it holds those kind of numbers really easily, and you can also within it you can do the marketing, so you could even do your landing pages and do your emails and do a membership all from Kajabi.

That is entirely possible. I actually use my landing pages with clickfunnels and I have active campaign for my little my emails, so I just tend to use Kajabi for the courses but the course creation is so pretty and I’ll just click to show you so you can see this is my Camera Confidence course and so this is this is kind of my smaller course really so that you can have all of these.

So you basically can easily customize it to do your own colors and these are the

So this is kind of the back office. This is what it looks like when you’re here.

So, this is like the library. You click to view products and here we are. So back in the course. There’s me. I’ll turn that off so but you can see so it’s in my branding colors, it looks really pretty.

Then it’s got down the sides you can find all the modules, so it’s easy to see like the the video ones and the workbook ones and you know it’s super user friendly and I just I, it’s a much nicer experience for me using Kajabi than using Teachable and I would definitely say that I am a hundred percent satisfied that I moved to Kajabi and

really really pleased with the results of how it looks and the user experience that people are getting and and what people are you know able to do within it.

So you know if money is a non-issue, I would say think about teachable when

you’re first starting out, but otherwise one hundred percent go with Kajabi because you can make really pretty courses and I am NOT techy.

I am NOT someone who can do all that stuff so I can do colors and I can kind of make it

look pretty and I know my brand colors and I still manage to make something that looks really attractive.

One criticism I would have and I’ll just show you is that it the way that they display the PDFs is just literally this download button, which I don’t think works so well so we’ve kind of done a work around that by adding an image of The PDF and making that clickable, but that’s not it’s kind of a workaround that we figured out rather than it being something that’s an easy fix within.

Kajabi and I would say that that is something that they should definitely think about because you know I think that the PDFs are very easy to find in Teachable and they’re not so easy to find in kajabi and I think that they’re missing a trick there but otherwise I love it.

So, yes I hope you go ahead and have a look at both of them. I’ll put links to both below and see which you prefer. I’d love to know what kind of course creation platform you use and what you recommend and what you think you’re going to go for. So, I hope you now can see both platforms and see the pros and cons of both platforms.

I personally am using Kajabi and I love Kajabi, but I recognize that the price

point is slightly higher but when you also factor in, you don’t need less there any leadpages or any you know other automated system for your emails, that can also help you to bring down the costs.

So you have to work out what works best for you. I hope you found this article useful.

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