Larry Lubarsky FBA Course Wholesale Academy

Larry Lubarsky FBA Course Wholesale Academy

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Who is Larry Lubarsky?

Larry claims to have been a high school drop out with $100k of debt who went to bringing in $18 million selling stuff on Amazon. Now he’s got a course where you can learn how to do the same.

Featured by entrepreneurs writer, Tom Huddleston Jr, he’s been featured in editorials for Forbes and CNBC about his journey from rags to riches.

To give you some context here, Larry has over 3,000 products listed on Amazon and takes 1,500 orders per day. That’s a lot of products to buy, import and list in the Amazon warehouse.

Regardless, it shows that Larry practices what he preaches and does make money with Amazon FBA.

As Larry says, “Amazon business is the same as starting a brick and mortar business, there’s a million different things that can go wrong, but for the person who’s willing to put in the work, it’s a credible business.”

So what Larry is saying is that Amazon FBA isn’t for lazy people or those looking for an overnight cash cow. If that’s you then I wouldn’t bother buying his course, you’ll only want a refund that you probably won’t get.

Courses Wholesale Academy

  • 50+ video lessons spread 8 core modules
  • Over 40 hours hours of training
  • Supplier Email templates and phone scripts
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