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An Invitation For All Men & Women Who Want To Discover Their Full Intimate Power…

Unlock a Juicy Love Life In Just 7 Weeks With Tantra Touch Experience the power of unleashing your intimate sacred self with Tantra Touch – 7 weeks to a juicier love life

This course is suitable for all fans and friends of Psalm Isadora, her life and her greatest work. And especially if…

A) You’re single and looking to rediscover your sexuality and increase your attraction factor to meet the man or woman of your dreams.

B) You’re in a relationship and want to go beyond the typical boundaries of intimacy & pleasure.

C) You’re married and feel like your relationship needs a spark to rediscover the honeymoon phase.

Every day, men and women are reconnecting… repairing the bonds with their loved ones… rediscovering the passion in their relationships and recreating the life of their dreams.

When you’re ready to join them, this is the most important page you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…

The world we live in teaches us to feel ashamed about sexuality.

To feel embarrassed at our most natural desires. To supress what we feel is wholesome and natural, to ignore our passions and pretend they don’t exist.

We’re conditioned to disconnect from ourselves, our partners, from the rest of the world.

Because sex and intimacy are supposed to be “dirty”. Shameful. Embarrassing.

I grew up in an environment where sex and intimacy were completely suppressed. After seeing the horrors of the Vietnam war, my parents left the city and raised me in a log cabin in the woods.

And as beautiful as most of it was, being out in nature, part of a passionate church, there was a dark side to it. About as dark as you could ever imagine.

Because when I was still young, I suffered sexual trauma that no person should ever have to experience. And my mother told me the same had happened to at least 10 other girls at the school we all went to.

At this point, my heavenly life turned into a nightmare.

Everything turned upside down.

I went from being a happy, fun-loving girl to a dark, depressed young woman.

I rebelled against everyone and everything.

Where I was a devout christian, I disavowed God when I thought he wasn’t listening.

Where I was a good clean young girl, I descended into a world of drinking, drugs and meaningless sex.

I ran away from home at 17, got pregnant, and my 20s became a blur of drugs, sex, alcohol, anything to numb the pain I was feeling inside.

Because there was no other outlet for me.

There was no way to release my emotions.

There was no channel to communicate how I was feeling so it was all bottled up deep inside me.

Eventually I was diagnosed with mania and bipolar disorder, and put on medication.

That helped, but the medication made everything… flat. I felt nothing.

I was totally and completely numb. I didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed some days.

I remember my son once asking me to read him a bedtime story.

But I was so tired and lethargic, I asked him to come back later, as if he were a salesman.

I felt horrible, but I didn’t know how to do anything more.

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Study The Tantric Practices With Psalm Isadora

You’ll experience a lightness. A lightness that is hard to explain. It’s caused from the energetic release of decades of pent up sexual energy that has finally been released. It’s like you finally unloaded a heavy sack of bricks from your shoulder. Pent-up sexual energy feels heavy. Freedom around sex and intimacy feel light. Light enough to float. Imagine that. Floating through life.

Here are the other things they experience:

Students reported going from…

  • Engaging in “good” sex to experiencing intense, drive-your-partner-wild kind of sex.
  • Hoping for microsecond orgasms to being flooded with the ecstasy of longer, multiple orgasms.
  • Living an ordinary life to receiving immense creativity energy with unlimited potential.
  • Being stuck in a bad relationship to attracting and keeping the partner of their wildest dreams.
  • Being haunted by their sexual past and traumas to openly living a life of true intimacy.
  • Not having a vision in their life to having an unstoppable drive to achieve big goals.
  • And so much more.

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