Pia Silva Badass Your Business Bootcamp

Pia Silva – Badass Your Business Bootcamp Promo $ Discount Review

Get Out of the Grind of Hustling 24/7, Doing Free Work & Dealing with Endless Scope Creep & Scale Your Freedom with Profit

“I increased my prices 3 times since taking the bootcamp and recently landed a $40K+ project plus a $15K/year ongoing retainer. That client took less than 24 hours to close. Because of Pia’s strategies I have just about a 100% close rate for my large packages, and a 100% close rate on my upsell of ongoing retainers after that”



“Within a few months of taking the Bootcamp and starting my business, I was charging $7,500/project and my first two clients I offered it to signed on the spot. The Bootcamp showed me how to build a service that was clear and irresistible. The value and credibility is built early on. It has been the best investment I’ve made in my business. The advice and the difference it makes for your profit will be invaluable. JUST SPEND THE MONEY and thank me later for making the suggestion.”


Normal Price $97

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