Structuring Your Empire

Ronle grand Structuring Your Empire discount courses Structuring Your Empire

In this course, taught by Ron LeGrand, you’ll learn:

  • Land Trusts – What they are, why you need them in every state, why it’s foolish not to use them, how easy they are to set up, and every other detail you need to know.
  • You’ll also get a copy of the land trust agreement and deed to use when placing a home in a trust.
  • LLC vs. C Corp vs. S Corp – The differences, how they’re taxed, when to use what and how, etc.
  • Your IRA and why it’s critical to have one to make a fortune tax-free.
  • Why you should use attorneys, when you need them and when it’d be foolish to not use one.

Our most requested topic to cover is entity structuring, asset protection, land trusts, and what needs to be done to get started.

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