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Here’s What We Want You To Know:

Sex is Sacred.
Orgasms can take you to Ecstasy.
And Tantric Massage is the best way to unlock this potential.

1 in 3 women don’t orgasms and 42% of men report not being satisfied sexually….

We don’t want you to be one of them.

Tantric yoni (vagina) and lingam (penis) massage has changed our lives, and we believe it can change yours too.

I went from being barely & rarely orgasmic, to becoming so multi orgasmic that I can’t even count on both hands how many times I come in half an hour.

Solar went from having mediocre, quick, ejaculate-and-turn-around-to-sleep kinda sex, to being able to last for hours and have rushing orgasms flooding his being taking him to transcentral experiences.

And yes, just like so many others,

we once believed that these kinds of tantric orgasms were not something we could experience.

That something was wrong with us.

That this kind of pleasure was only available for a few super humans out there who were just born with this “gift”.

We were happy to discover that we were wrong.

Through the specific tantric techniques, exercises, and massage sequences that you will learn in this online video course,

we now know that

EVERYONE can unlock this potential

Including you!

Yes it takes dedication.

Yes it takes practice.

Yes it takes time.

But it is 1000000% worth it. Trust me.

Are you ready?

What Is Tantric Massage All About?

A tantric massage is an intimate massage that uses sexual energy to achieve deeper states of consciousness through the means of profound orgasms.

In a tantric massage, every area of the body (including the genitals) is worshipped and touched in a sacred & sensual manner.

Don’t mistake this for a “happy ending massage” or an “erotic massage”!

It’s much more profound, healing, and ecstatic! Trust me on this one.

In Tantra, our bodies are seen as temples, and during a tantric massage, we approach the yoni (vagina) and lingam (penis) from a place of utmost love and reverence.

Tantric massage is immensely healing & empowering when done with integrity, devotion, trust, and consent

Some of its main superpowers are the ability to remove sexual blockages from the body, heal common dysfunctions (such as erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, numbness, pain during sex, etc), and the best gift of them all… remove the obstacles to orgasm and unleash the receiver’s full pleasure potential (including deep vaginal orgasms for women, and non-ejaculatory orgasms for men).

Giving a tantric massage is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to your beloved.

It allows a container to honor your partner’s inherent divinity, reconnect them with their body, activate their multi orgasmic potential, and open them up to experience the sacredness of their sexual energy.

Benefits For Women


  • Heal numbness and pain inside of the vagina
  • Experience deeply fulfilling orgasms (including vaginal/deep penetration orgasms!)
  • Activate your squirting power aka G-spot orgasms!
  • Transform sexual shame and inhibitions into radical self love
  • Increase your libido, confidence, and feminine radiance
  • Learn how to master, harness, and channel your sexual energy towards deeper states of consciousness (the tantric way)
  • Unleash your inner Tantric Woman and transform your sex life into a spiritual practice

Benefits For Men

  • Be able to last longer in bed and prolong the lovemaking experience
  • Experience full-body tantric orgasms without ejaculating!
  • Feel more connected to yourself, your power, and your inherent Masculinity.
  • Heal erectile dysfunctions or sexual blockages
  • Increase your sex drive, libido, and stamina (she will thank you for this one)
  • Learn how to stay present in the midst of intense arousal and experience deep states of consciousness (AKA: The Tantric Orgasm)

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